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JV Brokering Concept: Creating Strategic Partnerships

Brokering Concept

Joint Venture Brokering and Consulting is a billion dollar industry worldwide and growing. The majority of this business is facilitated by joint venture brokers throughout the world. JV Brokering and Consulting reached worldwide touching virtually every business type and industry sector.

JV Brokering and Consulting are the proven methods of helping businesses find strategic joint venture partners for mutual benefit and share complimentary resources.

Incremental sales are generated for the businesses that participate in the joint venture - sales that would not have been transacted without the assistance of a joint venture broker. In addition, joint venture partnering helps businesses grow by not sacrificing any marketing costs upfront to generate sales therefore, allowing the joint venture broker to get paid a very high fee from every sale generated.

JV Brokering and Consulting are powerful concepts that represent a profitable solution for companies who want to grow their sales exponentially by tapping into other businesses resources and benefit from being able to do this worldwide with the help of a joint venture broker.

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Sohail Khan, the JV Broker and JV Consultant trainer, Best Selling Author and the Joint Venture Partnering industry's foremost expert, shares with you his 15+ years of proven and profitable Million Dollar Joint Venture Brokering, Joint Venture Consulting and Deal Making methods.

The Joint Venture Brokering Bootcamp Program Includes:

  • 3 Day's LIVE Hands-On Training (US/UK)
  • Small Initimate 1-to-1 Group Setting
  • Bonus Joint Venture Consulting Training
  • Video Recordings of the 3 Day Bootcamp
  • Brokering Agreements and Client Templates
  • Co-Authored Lead Generation JV Book
  • Access to Sohail's Million Dollar Rolodex
  • JV Workshop and JV Product Resale Rights
  • 6 Figure Joint Venture Deal Provided
  • Personal 1-to-1 Mentoring from Sohail