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Joint Venture Brokering Business Opportunity FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q ) Is the JV Brokering Bootcamp program like a franchise?

A ) No! This business opportunity is made up of a comprehensive, hands-on, training session where you learn how to Launch Your Own Lucrative Joint Venture Brokering and Consulting Business — and unlike a franchise, YOU keep ALL of the revenues.

Learn everyting you will need to start your own JV Brokering and Consulting business:

  • Three days of comprehensive hands-on training with Sohail Khan, The World's Top Joint Venture Expert
  • In-depth instruction on joint venture brokering, operations and management
  • Your own branded joint venture expert book for generating business
  • Details on the best way to market and sell the benefits of joint ventures
  • A tested business opportunity model for jv brokering, jv consulting and deal making
  • A complete set of joint venture brokering manuals, workshop slides, agreements and templates
  • Video and audio recordings of the 3 days training for future reference
  • A 6 figure joint venture deal handed to you on completion that you can implement asap
  • The business opportunity of a lifetime - for a lifetime of business opportunities


Q ) Can you guarantee my success?

A ) No. Success is mostly dependent on your inner drive, sales ability, and persistence. We'll provide you with the right tools, training and our proven success formula to make it happen!


Q ) Is there much competition in joint venture brokering?

A ) The great thing with joint venture brokering is that it can be done anywhere in the world and in any industry as proven by Sohail Khan and joint venture brokers trained by him around the world.


Q ) How soon can I be in business?

A ) Generally, you can begin joint venture brokering using the pre-training material that is sent to you prior to the 3 day program and some people have started building the foundation for business to bring to the 3 day program for Sohail Khan to assist in. Also you are given access to a 6 figure joint venture deal on Day 3 which you can implement as soon as you leave the bootcamp!


Q ) How much working capital will I need to get started?

A ) There is no other working capital required after you have invested in the training as you will have access to Sohail Khan, live deals and all the tools you need to help you get up and running quickly. The only basic outlay will be a business phone and laptop with access to the internet, which most people already have.


Q ) How much experience is required to become a joint venture broker?

A ) Someone with a solid business background, especially in sales, will do exceptionally well with this business opportunity. We offer the most complete training currently available for joint venture brokering — to lead you step-by-step into launching your own successful joint venture brokering business. We want you to succeed so you become one of our team! The more successful people in our team, the better off everyone is and the more joint venture opportunities that become available.


Q ) Can I become a joint venture broker without your program?

A ) Anyone can start most any business just by simply printing business cards and attending networking events. However, there is a big difference in being in a business and in knowing a business. Why re-invent the wheel when you can tap directly into the successful joint ventures we've been brokering since 2000? We will save you tens of thousands of dollars and pounds in start up and trial and error costs. Using our joint venture brokering agreements, templates and materials alone will save you several thousand dollars and pounds in legal fees. We've learned what works and what doesn't through our own years of trial and error experience and have fine-tuned this business opportunity into a highly profitable model for you to copy. Plus, using our branded joint venture expert book will give you a particular advantage in getting clients quickly.


Q ) What does it cost to take the JV Brokering Bootcamp program?

A ) There is a low investment to become a joint venture broker. The program provides you with everything you need to succeed in joint venture brokering, with such features and benefits as:

  • A turnkey business opportunity with proven success
  • Low investment - residual income
  • Marketing assistance - your own branded joint venture lead generation book and system
  • No inventory
  • Recession-proof
  • Market to customers worldwide
  • Comprehensive training and continued support


Working for yourself in tough, but it beats working for someone else. When you work for yourself, YOU are the boss. YOU set the hours, and YOU reap the rewards. Have you been dreaming of the perfect business opportunity? Do you want to work your own hours, spend more time with your family? Are you worth more than you're paid? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we should talk about this terrific business opportunity.

Learn more about Sohail Khan's JV Brokering Bootcamp Program and How To Convert Your Business or Life Experience Into a Lucrative Lifestyle as a Joint Venture Broker.

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Turnkey Joint Venture Brokering and Consulting Business Opportunity

Get up and running in 3 days!

Low Start-Up Investment

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All Inclusive Program Now Available

Sohail Khan, the JV Broker and JV Consultant trainer, Best Selling Author and the Joint Venture Partnering industry's foremost expert, shares with you his 15+ years of proven and profitable Million Dollar Joint Venture Brokering, Joint Venture Consulting and Deal Making methods.

The Joint Venture Brokering Bootcamp Program Includes:

  • 3 Day's LIVE Hands-On Training (US/UK)
  • Small Initimate 1-to-1 Group Setting
  • Bonus Joint Venture Consulting Training
  • Video Recordings of the 3 Day Bootcamp
  • Brokering Agreements and Client Templates
  • Co-Authored Lead Generation JV Book
  • Access to Sohail's Million Dollar Rolodex
  • JV Workshop and JV Product Resale Rights
  • 6 Figure Joint Venture Deal Provided
  • Personal 1-to-1 Mentoring from Sohail